March 19, 2015 was your six year anniversary with IE8. It doesn't have to go on.

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I'm leaving you because at least five of your actionbars are not mine!

Dennis, Netherlands, March 11 like share on facebook

2,523 breakups to date. Be strong, break up now.

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Right... who wants to do the noble thing and break up with someoneĀ in person? Yeah, nor do we. Take a moment to craft a heartfelt break up message you can send to IE8 right now.

One day we'll look back and laugh.

Ending a long-term relationship can be hard, especially when there's history. In your case though, it's called Stockholm Syndrome, and you need to snap the hell out of it.

Take a stumble down memory lane and tell us you're not ready to end it, right now.

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